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Until very recently, I hadn't put a whole lot of thought into it. After being alive for more than eighteen years and having fourteen different best friends at different points in my life, I really started to wonder what makes someone your best friend? I had my own ideas, but I really wanted to know what other people had to say about it and nearly all of them said something that had to do with trust, which can be for many different things. For example, I trust most of my acquaintances enough to not kill me for no reason.

Anyways, obviously, most people would probably trust their friends more than their acquaintances with larger stuff like secrets or holding their stuff. I've definitely trusted my best friends more than I've trusted anyone else. A while back, I made a list of all the best friends I had in the past and only about four of them really ever did anything
that really stuck out to me - things that no one else had done, really. I've also put a lot of thought into what counted as a best friend in my eyes, since I hadn't really been able to think about what made most of my best friends even be best friends in the first place.

No matter what though, the time spent with them is very important, and I usually consider those I'm around the most to be my best friends. How you feel about your friends is also very important. How are they to? How are you to them? One of my best friends actually ended up becoming my friend after I started doing stuff for him (retrieving books and stuff). Later on, he would be the one to listen to me when I was having problems. I don't see or talk to him as much these days, but fortunately, we still get to talk to each other every now and then. Lastly, I strongly believe it helps to have similar interests, which really helps with starting conversations. The fourteen best friends I've had obviously, were different people and each off them liked and disliked different things.

From past experience, I know that it's not always going to be mutual. Most of my best friends, I don't know exactly how they felt about me, but I'm sure some of it was one-sided. Even know, I don't know. Anyways, you may consider someone to be your best friend, but they might not think they same about you. However, that shouldn't change your opinion of them. If they're that important of a friend to you, you should be happy to say that they're YOUR best friend, even if they wouldn't say the same about you. In the end, you really just have to be the best person you can be and maybe they will one day think of you that way. Besides, if that person is your friend in the first place, you should be lucky to even call them a friend.

Best friends can be hard for some people to get, and for some people like myself, to keep. As I said earlier, up to this point in my life, I've had a total of fourteen different best friends, and like their personalities and opinions, their gender wasn't always the same. Best friends really should be the friends that are the most important to you - the friends that you care about the most. What have they done for you? What have you done for them? No matter what, it's important that your best friends have traits you need them to have, whether it be them trusting you, or
them caring, or anything else. Anyways, this is just what I think...
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